Structured Products

CAMcap offers a wide range of Structured Products, which are bespoke investments exclusively created to meet investors’ specific needs that cannot be met from standardized financial instruments available in the stock markets. Each product is essentially a tailor-made solution solely aimed at meeting the risk/return profile of a particular client. CAMcap has established strong trading relationships with derivatives market makers and note issuers in the City of London and across the world, enabling us to offer our clients a comprehensive and innovative range of Structured Products. We have extensive market knowledge of all assets classes, including equity, fixed income, commodity and FX and a systematic process of price discovery that enables us to provide our clients with pricing that successfully competes with the largest international banks. In all our business areas we offer independent advice and solutions defined by our clients’ needs. CAMcap does not take any market positions in any structured products and has no financial ties with any of the banks we work with. The financial success of our clients is our only goal. Our service extends across the entire life cycle of the product, from the inception of an idea to the maturity of the note. Additionally CAMcap ensures a clean execution and a prompt settlement, in collaboration with our clearing partners. Furthermore we pay particular attention to the secondary market where we aim to provide continuous liquidity and pricing which reflects the fair value of the product. CAMcap also has demand from funds for structured products which can provide a useful alternative for providing further secondary market liquidity for structured notes which clients have previously executed with 3rd parties. In conclusion, we aim to create and maintain long term relationships with our clients by providing a comprehensive service time and time again.